We go a step forward in manufacturing our denim fabric by keeping a closer eye to the environmental factors of production. Sustainability is our utmost priority. Providing environmental friendly denim fabric has been our goal and priority since the start.

Pioneer Denim Limited

LEED Certification

Pioneer Denim is in process of achieving the LEED Platinum certification. Our production Unit has been constructed focusing on the requirements of achieving the LEED Platinum certification, saving energy with green building technology as well as considering all other safety measures has been closely taken into consideration.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited

Sustainable Products being used at our facility such as
BCI, Organic, Recycle, Tencel®, Modal®, Viscose® and much more.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited

ETP at its Best

Our world class production unit consists of one of the largest ETP plant in Bangladesh. Holding a Capacity of 6000 m³/day. Our ETP facility Operates with Biological processing as well as “Re-Usable” option of Membrane and RO (Reverse Osmosis) meaning reusing treated water at our facility. We are facilitated to meet up the challenges of 2030 for any kinds of development with the Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (3R) concept. Sustainability is thought throughout the process at our facility. Seeing the future from now is the key to sustain within the industry.

Pioneer Denim Limited

Reusing Water & Energy usage

Saving water and energy for sustainability is given our utmost priority. Not only do we think of the environment by reusing treated water, we make sure of consuming cleaner energy to provide the fabric you desire.

How we save water?

  • -Using Radiator System Power Plant
  • -2/1 pick wash system dyeing machine saving water at a greater level
  • -20,000 m³ rain water harvesting system
  • -From ETP, we can Re-Use 20 m³/hr of water at present moment and in the future it will increase up to 150 m³/hr. (Using 80% of reusable water at our facility)
  • -Total water Saving 20%
Pioneer Denim Limited