Badsha Group of Industries began its journey in Dhaka, 1976 and has since grown into one of the largest and most lucrative conglomerates in Bangladesh to this day, specialising in the Textile and Ready Made Garments (RMG) Sector.

The spinning sector of the company has also achieved both Gold and Silver Trophies in Bangladesh for five years running.

Concerns of BADSHA GROUP

Milestones of BADSHA GROUP


Pioneer Denim Limited has been awarded as the world’s largest Leed Platinum certified textile mill. A second generation denim mill created under Badsha Group of Industries, situated in Habiganj, Bangladesh. Being an emerging, vertically integrated, state of the art, denim fabric manufacturing business, Pioneer Denim are able to assure high standards of quality right from the spinning process all the way to finished denim fabric ready for shipping, creating a strong presence in the fashion industry at the forefront of innovation. Pioneer Denim have built a great R&D team, with international consultants, who create a 360° approach to denim fabric making all under one roof. The manufacturing process is equipped with cutting edge, modern, high-tech machinery from Japan, U.S.A, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium to ensure Pioneer Denim make the best denim in the industry.

  • - 150 acres plant located in Habiganj, Bangladesh
  • - 1.4 million sqft manufacturing plant facility
  • - 40 million yards of fabric production capacity per year expanding to 80 million yards in 2019
  • - Modern high-tech European and American Machineries.

How Pioneer Denim became the world’s largest LEED Platinum Certified denim mill :

The Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), is a green building certification program that recognises the best in class, in strategies and practices across the globe. LEED promotes better buildings, places that complement the environment, enhances communities and places that give people better, brighter and healthier spaces to live, work and play. The LEED Platinum certificate is based on a credit system, which earns points per category, see page opposite for your reference of the criteria entailed. Pioneer Denim is one of the only Denim Mills in this region to achieve a LEED Platinum certificate, meaning they have earned over 80 points, the highest category for a LEED certificate.

Pioneer Denim Limited

‘…We want to show the world that we are serious about saving energy, making green buildings and taking care of our employees while continuing to drive innovation. We are extremely proud to achieve the LEED Platinum Certificate…'