Pioneer Denim strives to minimise the environmental impact created from the production of denim, providing sustainable denim has been at the forefront and at the core of Pioneer Denim’s goals and priorities since the beginning.

Pioneer Denim Limited

LEED Certification :

Pioneer Denim Limited is the world’s largest LEED Platinum certified denim mill, saving energy with green building technology as well as considering all other safety measures, which have always been a top priority.

Pioneer Denim Limited

Pioneer Denim Certificates:

Sustainable Products being used at our facility such as
BCI, Organic, GRS, CRS, Tencel®, Modal®, Viscose® and much more.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):

Pioneer Denim has a world class production unit including one of the largest ETP plants in Bangladesh, with a capacity of 6000 m³/day cleaning facility. Operated with Biological processing as well as “Re-Usable” option of Membrane and Reverse Osmosis(RO) meaning they re-use treated water at the facility. Pioneer Denim is already setup to meet the challenges presented by the 3R Initiative: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by 2030.

Seeing the future from now is the key to responsibly producing denim in the most sustainable way.

Pioneer Denim Limited

Reusing Water & Energy..

Saving water for future generations to come is at the heart of Pioneer Denim’s vision of priorities. By treating water and reusing it, it creates less waste and cleaner energy, when producing bulk denim production.

Pioneer Denim Limited

Saving Power Consumption:

The installation of sky lights throughout the denim mill, means less use of electricity.

Double glazed glass windows.

Inverter controlled water pumps.

VSD controlled Compressors & Boosting Pumps.

All together Pioneer Denim saves 18% (3240 kW) of the total power requirement at the facility.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited

How we save water and energy !!

Using the Radiator System Power Plant (RSPP) (saving 18% power).

2/1 pick wash system dyeing machine saving water at a greater level.

20,000 m3 rain water harvesting system.

From the Effluent Treatment Plan (ETP), they can re-use 20 m3/hr of water at present which will increase up to 150 m3/ hr in the future. Enabling the use of 80% of reusable water at the facility.

Pioneer Denim Limited

CSR Activities & Facilities:

Pioneer Denim provides employees with accommodation facilities and medical care with insurance.

A large space for recreational activities, in-house gym, hosting tournaments for various sports, hosting different cultural programs and a lot more for the communities motivation and wellbeing.

Employees benefit from annual bonuses.

Pioneer Denim donates to charitable causes located close to the manufacturing plant, including schools, colleges and health care organisations for developing educational and healthy lifestyles for future generations.