Pioneer Denim offers a wide range of high quality denim fabrics ranging from 3.5 oz to 17.5 oz in basic, cross hatch, stretch, super stretch, nappy, bull, crushed denim, knit denim, coloured denim, print denim, coated denim and a much wider range of fabrics with various finishes, with an option to use the rope dye, slasher dye, direct warping, sectional warping and CPB facilities within the denim mill.

Being an innovative fabric producer, we further produce Tencel denim, Viscose denim, Modal denim and other sustainable ranges of denim fabric products.

Woven fabric, solid dyeing range including any kinds of coating in technical textile and eco-applicable items are also offered at our facility.

Our fabric production volume is 40 million yards in 2018, expanding to 80 million yards in 2019.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited


R&D is at the heart of Pioneer Denim. This is where ideas come to life! To support this essential part of the process, Pioneer Denim invested in building a creative space for their R&D team. The team focus’s on new fabric innovations, laundry washes and also building a one-line cut and sew unit, so that new developments on fabrics, washes and styles can all be made under one roof making the Pioneer Denim R&D team a leading force in the industry.

Pioneer Denim Limited


Raw Material Source :

Pioneer Denim is supported by its high quality integrated spinning sector, specialised in yarn manufacturing in Bangladesh. The vertical integration helps to achieve the highest quality product in denim.

Pioneer Denim also work with world leading sustainable yarn suppliers BCI Cotton, Lenzing with Tencel™ Denim, Viscose and Modal and the recent Refbra™ and other sustainable denim yarn ranges. As well as Xinjiang, Texhong and other world leading suppliers for high quality yarn products to create the best denim portfolio.

Pioneer Denim strives to use the highest quality, eco-friendly dyes and chemicals in their manufacturing process.

Pioneer Denim Limited Pioneer Denim Limited

Pioneer Denim has also been working with world leading yarn suppliers for high quality yarn products to bring out the best possible output any denim fabric manufacturing company has to offer within the market.

We use the highest quality, eco-friendly dyes and chemicals from world renowned compliant companies in our manufacturing process. Sustainability is thought throughout the process of manufacturing from the very beginning.

Laboratory facility :

Pioneer Denim established a state of the art lab which is well equipped with the best technologically advanced procedures of physical testing methods, such as fabric weight, tear, tensile, colour transfer, shrinkage, skew, dimensional stability, pilling, PH control, colour fastness to water, perspiration, washing and ozone as well as tapering & shading.

Our Cutting edge Ultra-Modern, latest technologically advanced testing and laboratory equipment are of European Origin. Having the advantage of the latest equipment helps us further to test and assure our quality measures.

Online Quality Measuring System

The use of computerised colour matching Data Colour System (DCS) assures shade consistency in bulk production.
Pioneer’s online quality measuring system assures control over fabric qualities throughout the entire production cycle.